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College also introduced me to iced coffee. Yum. I recently learned how to make it at home by cold brewing it, which is perfection. It tastes like starbucks. Starbucks and saving money. Recipe below a la Small Notebook

The night before, start with 1/4 cup of coarse ground coffee, and add 1 cup of cold filtered water.
The next morning add 1 more cup of water.
Strain and pour into a chilled glass over ice (makes two glasses).

I double this make it up in a large water bottle. Then, when I am ready to have it in the morning, I mix up some simple syrup in a coffee mug in the microwave. I do 2tsp sugar to 2 tsp water and microwave on high for about thirty seconds, and then just dump it over the ice before the coffee. I like added a bit of milk to mine, too.

Image credit JennGee at Etsy--click the image to visit her shop and check out her fantastic coffee corsets.
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My freshman year od college, I started taking afternoon naps again. It was awesome. I would come home from class and pass out in my dormroom.

I rememebr reading an article once that compared college kids to kindergartners, and one of the main points was naptime. Mmmm...sleep. zZzZzZz
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I like jewelry. Wait, let me rephrase that: I like sparkley things. I spend hours looking at jewelry and charms on etsy, thinking about the things I would buy if I had money. Sometimes, I do buy them (see [ profile] chimera_fancies), sometimes I save them to my ever-growing favorites list, and sometimes I forfeit all subtley and show off the sparkley things I want to my friends and family.

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I like to think of myself as a karaoke gift to the world. I am not a terribly talented vocalist, but gosh-darn-it I have fun on stage (and I pick songs that everyone can sing with me, heee).

My parents recently invested in Singstar for the family. We downloaded a few songs and played it one weekend while I was visiting them. It was...really fun. Even my dad got in on it, singing with my brother in a couple of duets. I was pleasantly surprised by my family singing along--my sister, who has a gorgeous voice but never sings for anyone, sand back-up vocals. By which I mean I held the mic angled toward her while I sang so that it picked her voice up. :D

We sang the Beatles, Britney Spears, Ray Charles...lots and lots of fun karaoke songs. It was a really memorable time, and I am happy we had it.

Have you have played Singstar, or gone to a Karaoke bar? What is your favorite song to sing? To listen to?
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Okay, now I will talk about superheroes. I have always loved a good action film, but I have really enjoyed the recent superhero trend in movies and media. Batman, X-men, Spiderman--their stories are so convoluted and complex and...really, really interesting. I can spend hours on wikipedia and TVtropes just reading about storylines, histories and character arcs. It is really incredible how intrinsic superhero comics are.

I think writing for an ongoing round robin about superheroes has encouraged my interest in the genre, too. With [ profile] trileaderroses, [ profile] frenchroast and [ profile] horkbizarre, I write about the misadventures of a team of superheroes. We've been working on it for years now, and there are still plenty of stories to tell about our characters.
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I was planning on talking about my secret love of action films and superheroes, but I think I will just post this video instead. :)

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I was talking to two regulars today at the bar. We were talking about heritage, and I told them I was Italian. One of the guys was Italian, too, so we started to banter over macaroni, meatballs and red gravy. It was too cute.

I love being Italian, but not just that, I love being New York Italian. It's like we have our own language, a strange mix of Italian, English, Yiddish and old wives tales. We chatted how we didn't know what pasta was--it was all macaroni, and meatballs are cooked in the gravy, which is red not brown. I like that, how you can find commality in the strangest of places.

Later, a little girl was ordering and couldn't pronounce the menu item. So I repeated it back to her, "Galamari and an order of Orikette--little ears?" She pronounced it back the way I said it, it was really cute. Adults usually ignore my pronunciation and say it how it's spelled: "Fried Calamari and Orecchiette." Hee.
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I have an elephant thing. It really started after everything that happened. I was feeling overwhelmed, and my dad said to me: How do you eat an elephant?"

I am sure my answer involved tears, crying and frustration. My dad, however, calmly said, "One bite at a time."

I think I laughed, but at that point, whatever I had ahead of me didn't seem so difficult. I would just have to take it one bite at a timne.
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I have liked to tell stories for as long as I can remember. When I was little, they were usually stories about cats and mice and...well, there were a lot of cats and mice, and a mouse named Kat, too. A few years back, I remember looking through the schoolwork my mom had kept of mine, and I was surprised just how many stories I used to write.

Now, there are a lot less cats and mice in my stories, but I think I have done my five-year-old self well. My stories are still adventurous and exciting, and one day, I hope to write a novel (or eight). Who knows, maybe I will even pop out a book about a mouse named Kat?
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My coworker asked me today what music I listen to. Sheepishly, I answered: Hanson. But, my coworker surprised me. He was impressed, and even said, "Nice!" It was sweet.

I've liked Hanson since around 8th grade when I rediscovered their music. My sister had been a fan, while I bopped out over the Backstreet Boys. By high school I had grabbed the new CD and heard their edgier, rock sound.

Hanson's music really makes you want to sing along, to move your body and dance. Their concerts are incredible--they put on an amazing live show. And they are so true to their music, even going as far as to leave their label and start a new one on their own. They're good kids.

I am way excited for their tour this year. In fact, I just ordered tickets to their Baltimore show. Anyone else going? (I know at least two of you on my F-list are, and we should totally meet up like the Fansons we are).
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I haven't been able to get out to bookstores as often as I used to, but when i was in high school, they were my favorite place to be.

I used to sit in the chairs at Borders or Waldenbooks and read, or peruse the shelves or a used book shop for interesting books. The YA section was filled with novels I wanted to pick up, but I limited myself to one or two books each trip.

I think, in part, Amazon put an end to my bookstore trips. Why drive 20 minutes when I could order the books and have them arrive on my doorstep?

But there is something magical about bookshops, and even if I don't visit them too much anymore.
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When we were little, my dad was usually the one who read stories to us. It was our thing. Sure, mom took care of us all day and made sure we were clean, well-fed and healthy--but dad read to us.

He would do voices, too. My dad had an entire repertoire of voices from
Elmer Fudd to Donald Duck to Wile E. Coyote (he did the whistling sound
he makes when he falls off a cliff--it was awesome!). Out of all the
voices he did, though, his best was Grover.

I loved it when my dad read the Monster at the End of the Book.
It was my favorite. And even though I know the monster was just (spoiler
alert!) lovable ol' Grover, I could ask for it every night.

Did you have a favorite book from when you were a kid? What was it?
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Never heard of the U.S.S. Songboat? Oh, man, are you in for a treat.

Between this, half the library of Kids-Songs, Winnie-the-Pooh, Wee Sing in Sillyville and a recorded-from-TV copy of Honey, I shrunk the Kids, this is my early childhood. My mom would pop one of these bad-boys in and we would be entertained for the next fifty minutes. My sister and I could rewatch these videos over and over--in fact, by the time we were out of elementary school, a lot of the videos were already grainy.

When I started babysitting, I would bring over copies of the videos and, wow, they were like magic. As an adult, I...don't see it, but I remember loving them as a kid. Plus? I wanted to marry that boy in the red shirt with all my five-year-old heart.

What weird shows did you watch as a kid? Bonus points if you can find them on YouTube.
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My first celebrity crush was on Michael Crichton. Well, okay, that's a
lie. I had a crush on that blond kid from the U.S.S. Songboat when I was
like five, and I adored the older brother in Barney, and I am sure there
were more, but I fell in love with Mr. Crichton for his words.

I read Jurassic Park as a precocious 10-year-old, and most of it was way
over my head. I loved that there were dinosaurs on his mysterious
island, and one of the protagonists was a kid! Like me! I loved the
illustrations and explanations of fairly complex technology and computer
systems and, having seen the movie three years earlier, I was amazed by
all the cool stuff they left out. From there, I picked up
Airframe, Congo, Sphere--anything I could find in the library or at

I may not have always agreed with Mr. Crichton's take on technology,
global warming or women, but I loved him for his writing. His stories
took place in our world, and for all I knew, they could be possible. I
liked how he explained things in simple terms, and they were just
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I hope you all enjoyed the guest bloggers. I haven't gotten a chance to
read their posts yet, but I am looking forward to it.

Work went all right--I like the coworkers I worked with today. I think
I'm really getting a sense of my coworkers' personalities now. It's
been a couple weeks, and so I think we're past that tentative What do
you do?<.i> stage. P, despite sometimes acting like a child, is an all
right guy--he does know his stuff, and he is an interesting guy with a
plethora of trivial knowledge. B is a good kid in his bad-boy stage. I
imagine that he's what my little brother will be like in a few years. D
is another good guy--actually, I work with a lot of guys. We were joking
the other day that it was like five against one, there were so many
guys...and me. It was cute. Everyone is nice.

The people that come to the restaurant are mostly families, and a few
regulars at the bar. I like families, even though thier messy. The
kids are cute, and most of them are well-behaved. There have been a few
cheerios-everywhere incidents, but nothing I couldn't handle. Waiting
tables is nothing like retail, though, I'll give it that.

Have any of you worked in the restaurant business? Any crazy stories to
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Okay! All done! If anyone wants to participate later, the entries
aren't going anywhere! :)

1. Foreign country
2. Foreign country
3. Verb
4. Foreign country
5. Verb
6. Foreign country
7. Part of the body
8. Adjective
9. Verb
10. A city
11. Type of food
12. Verb
13. Type of vehicle
14. Type of vehicle
15. Noun
16. Male celebrity
17. Female celebrity
18. Verb

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1. Noun
2. Male Celebrity
3. Adjective
4. Part of the body
5. Noun
6. Type of food
7. Verb
8. Part of the body
9. Part of the body
10. Part of the body
11. Noun
12. A place
13. Exclamation

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Aw, everyone must be out tonight. No one's playing. That's okay! Maybe later!


1. Adjective
2. Animal
3. Something that’s alive, plural
4. Type of liquid
5. Adverb
6. Type of food, plural
7. Type of food
8. Verb
9. Noun
10. Type of liquid
11. Number
12. Noun
13. Adjective
14. Silly noise
15. Something alive, plural
16. Something alive, plural
17. Part of the body, plural

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1. Adjective
2. Noun
3. Type of container
4. Occupation, plural
5. Occupation, plural
6. Adverb
7. Type of building
8. Plural noun
9. Verb ending with –ing
10. Plural noun
11. A place
12. Exclamation (Wow! Stop!, etc.)
13. Plural noun
14. Article of clothing, plural
15. Plural noun

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And, #2:

1. A place
2. Plural noun
3. Plural noun
4. Part of the body, plural
5. Article of clothing
6. Part of the body
7. Plural noun
8. Adjective
9. Part of the body
10. Adverb
11. A place

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