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Hi all! This is Lindsay.

So, as it turns out, I was supposed to blog about two hours ago. The
reason I did not is because I was quite passed out. Not, like, on my
face in the street, just, in my bed. Quite unconscious.

The reason why I was unconscious at 1:30 in the afternoon is because I
was feeling, I guess monumentally would be the right word,
as in looking at the computer screen made me want to puke...nauseous.
There are two reasons why I was feeling that way. One is
exciting; the other is not. Well no, that's not true, they're both
exciting in their own way, but one is definitely more, ah, glamorous.
If you want to call it that.

Ok, I'll quit being cryptic. The first, less glamorous reason I was
feeling nauseous is that I am in the process of going off a certain
medication for anxiety. I was on a significantly tiny dose (2mg) and
so my doctor just sort of told me to go off cold turkey. This, as it
turns out, was not a great idea. I started feeling sick yesterday,
two days without the medication. Called my doctor; left a message. I
went out anyway (ohhhh yes, did I go out), and my physical state
fluctuated between feeling great and feeling like utter crapzorz. At
some point, my doctor called me back and told me to take the
medication I'm going off of every other day for a week...but I was
already out for the night and so wasn't able to take a pill right
then. As it turns out, I wasn't able to take said pill until...about
1:00pm today, when I got home. Whoops.

I'll sidetrack a little bit to explain why I'm going off this
medication. Since I've been on it, I've gained about 40 lbs, in a
little over a year. We're not sure, but the correlation is there: it
may have been causing me to gain massive amounts of weight. So
hopefully, now that I am going off of it, I will stop gaining
weight--and I'll be able to start losing it, with the new
routine I intend to implement once I move into my new apartment in a
week and my life returns to some semblance of routine. Plan includes
joining the YMCA, joining Weight Watchers, and food shopping often and
cooking healthy meals for myself as opposed to eating out so often,
among other things. There is a "diet tribe" over at my journal, made
up of a bunch of my friends who are also interested in losing weight.
If you find yourself in a similar position, you should message me at
Lindskaba and talk to me about joining that group :)

Anyway. Now for the more glamorous reason I was feeling nauseous.

As I said, I went out last night...and did not return until 1:00pm
this afternoon. In order to explain what happened, I need to give
some background information. I help run a small theatre company
called The Independent Drama
here in Boston, and back in June I acted in a production
of Dinner with Friends through IDS. It is an ultra-intense,
4-person show about "friendship, family, and food"--and relationships,
growing old, and divorce. Through the rehearsal process, the four
actors in that production--myself, my boyfriend Dave, my very good
friend Melissa, and her boyfriend Chris (completely accidental, by the
way, that we got cast and happen to be dating each other)--grew
exceedingly close. We're pretty obsessed with each other, which
is...very wonderful. In any case, we never really had a cast party,
just due to scheduling or whatever. So we decided to rectify that,
last night.

The plan was to meet at Melissa and Chris' for dinner, drinks, and an
MST3K-style viewing of the Dinner with Friends movie starring
Andie Macdowell and Dennis Quaid. As I said, I showed up feeling
pretty queasy, and so just drank water and picked at the food for
awhile...until I started to feel better. Somehow, I was poured a
glass of wine...and it began. By the time the movie started at
10:00pm, I had drunk about 6 glasses of wine, a cup of sake, and a
shot of vodka, WAY more than my tolerance suggests I should be able to

Then it was somebody's brilliant idea to turn our viewing into a
drinking game. The rules were simple: if your character is on screen,
you may, at any point, tell everyone to drink.

Yeah, we're idiots.

Did you know that this version of Dinner with Friends is quite
awful? It's got an all-star cast--Toni Collette plays my
character--but somehow, it was like NONE of them were acting! At all!
It was quite awful, in the most hilarious way. In any case,
we found ourselves shouting things at the screen, and every few lines
someone would inevitably yell out, "Drink to how awful that was!"

Long story short, I made love to the toilet bowl that night, for the
first time in 4 years.

I feel the need to justify myself. There were 6 people at this party:
the four actors who I've already named, the director, and the stage
manager. All are people I would trust my life to...which, in fact, I
basically did last night. It was the safest possible place I could
have gotten sick in.

Do I regret it? ....Eh, not really. Yes, throwing up was a horrible,
horrible experience, as it usually is, but the party was...just really
fun. Really fun. Probably had more to do with the company
than the alcohol, but I don't think the latter hurt.

And that's why I didn't post on time.


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