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Hi everyone! It's Erin again. I've been thinking a little more about
what to write for this post, so hopefully it's good!

my wonderful friend [ profile] dangerousjade pointed me in the
direction of the other day. basically it covers every
plot device that could be used in any form of entertainment. but it
gives you wikiitis, so you click through every link and wind up on an
article completely unrelated to the one at which you started.

last night, I was reading some Harry Potter theories (called Epileptic
Trees on the website). apparently I had missed the one that said that
Harry had made the entire wizarding world up as a coping mechanism to
deal with the Dursleys and their abuse.

ABUH! this is the best theory ever. and it works, since I had
previously been reading the Tommy Westphall trope.

do you know about Tommy Westphall? have you ever watched St.
Elsewhere? (or, like me, just learned about Tommy Westphall from I
Love the 80s on vh1?)

the entirety of the series St. Elsewhere is revealed to have taken
place in the mind of a boy with autism. BUT pop culture gurus have
pointed out that because of St. Elsewhere's links to other shows, a
huge fraction of shows in TV history were all in the mind of Tommy
. this
links together 282 shows. MIND BOGGLING.

see what late night internetting can do?

Date: 2009-07-25 09:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Okay, at first I was all "Noooooo, Dr. Who, Red Dwarf and HHGTTG have nothing to do with it, they're great shows and (sorry, but) St Elsewhere is... yeah" and then I start reading, and oh, wow, there are connections!

But then... then I really started looking at some of them. And some are tenuous in so far as 'so because of this, the entire show must be in Tommy's mind'. Especially when a character in a show references something in another show (you'll get no argument from me that Cheers and Fraiser are truly linked - it's the same characters and there's plenty of crossover). Like talking about a company, person, or thing (comic strip, weapon, whatever) that appears on another show. Because Tommy's internal story is pulling things from real life (unless he's an alien sitting in an empty room and none of earth exists). If a character references Kool-Aid or gravity, does that mean that doesn't exist?

The interconnections are interesting, but to go so far as to say that all of these shows must therefor exist only in Tommy's mind is over-reaching the in the extreme. Besides, isn't the ending of St Elsewhere widely regarded as the worst end of a television series ever and quietly forgotten about by most people? ;)

Date: 2009-07-26 05:21 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Haha, I remember stumbling across that trope once. I was lost for HOURS.


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