Aug. 24th, 2009

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This video is beautiful, heartbreaking and powerful. It's triggering, but in a good way. It makes me angry, but it makes me want to stand up and say, fuck yes, this is it.

But the trolling comments and negative remarks? They're disgusting. I have no words for the people who call feminists nazis, no words for the hate that continues against me and my peers because we have breasts and a vagina. It is disgusting. It is disgusting that I live in the land of the fucking free, and there are people who believe it is okay to hate, that it is okay to treat over half the population like they are something less.

It is not okay.

If you believe that men and women should have an equal opportunity, you are a feminist.
If you believe that two people who do the same exact amount of work should be paid the same wage, you are a feminist.
If you believe a person of competent mind should have the right to choose whether to have a medical procedure or not, you are a feminist.
If you believe that someone should be able to go to work or out in public without being harassed by a stranger, you are a feminist.
If you believe someone has the right to choose their partner, you are a feminist.
If you people that a human being has the right to feel safe in his or her own home, you are a fucking feminist.

Own it.

I am a feminist, and I am fucking proud of it.

Video rediscovered via Abyss2Hope.


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